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Bethany House is about life, but sadly, part of life is ultimately death
Recently, Beth Rhinehart, attended the life celebration for Katy Roe, born while her mother, Keri Roe, resided at Bethany House, in 1994. Keri gave birth to twins while living at Bethany House, Katy and Margaret. The family eventually settled on the coast, in Depot Bay. Part of what Bethany House does is support mothers throughout life journeys. Once a Bethany House 'girl' always a Bethany House 'girl'
..." Continue



Bethany House and Local Churches, Business, and Supporters Continue to Bring Good Cheer to Families in need throughout the Year
Kisa was so grateful for the gifts she received for her new twins. Kristy and her family also received blessings this past Holiday Season, and were extremely thankful. Beth attended Jeremiah's Birthday party. Jeremiah was adopted from a Bethany House birth-mother and is loving life with his family. Helping women and children in need remains a priority throughout the year. We think the happy faces in the pictures from these families who were the on the receiving end say more than words ever could!


Kristy's story
Kristy's story is one of ultimate redemption, new life embrace, and ongoing success. We are so thankful for her desire to change, grow and put all she learned at Bethany House to good use for her and her family.

"In 2005, I got addicted to Methamphetamines. I basically quit talking to people I knew growing up and only socialized with fellow drug users. In January 2007, I found myself pregnant and didn't know what to do because I had nowhere to go..." Continue



Thank you, Jack Rhinehart
Thank you, Jack Rhinehart, for years of behind the scenes support and being a positive male role model for women and children, some who never had met a healthy, caring man until you.

Heaven's gain is our great loss. Beth's husband, Jack, a staunch and committed supporter of Bethany House, went home to celebrate with the Lord in October. He loved the children and always had a kind word for the 'Bethany House' women. His tireless service will be remembered fondly by all who knew him. Thank you, Jack. You are loved and greatly missed.

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Three ways to participate and keep the smiles coming!






Thank you notes
Thank you notes arrive via email, mail, and through phone calls frequently. These women and children are forever grateful to us, and we are continually awed by God's grace in their lives and by how much they have blessed ours.

"Bethany House was there for me and gave me a reason to hope and make plans for a future."

"I am sure I will make it on my won because of what Bethany House taught me."

"As a family of five now, we still trust in God for all we've been given. Thank you for all your giving."

"Through my months at Bethany House I got my GED and a job."

"I had a sponsor family to take me and my son in before we could stand on our own. They were there to teach and show me how to make it."

"Beth, I admire your strength and hard work. Thank you."






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Did you know...
This past year we have assisted over 25 women and their children find safe and secure housing, navigate community resources, while providing intensive counseling services and support so desperately needed to make the life changes required for successful living and positive parenting. Your support allows us to continue reaching young women who might otherwise become just another statistic.

Please consider helping us securely online - monthly or as a onetime gift. Nonprofit No. 94-3030994


Our sponsor program
The cornerstone of the Bethany House Program is our sponsor families. Do you have extra space, an open heart, the desire to help a young mother and a child? Do you believe you can provide a positive, guiding influence in the life of a hurting woman? If so, you might find the role of sponsor family to be highly rewarding. Giving and loving others is a
commandment from Christ. We are to help, encourage, and lift others up, using our time, talents, and treasure to bring healing and hope. When we give we truly receive blessings beyond our wildest imaginings. We hope you will consider stepping out in faith and making an eternal difference. Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers. Review the information here. Contact us today!



The Future of Bethany House … Phase II will offer the following:

  • A comfortable, safe, and highly affordable living space/apartment (rent based on ability to pay/income level.)
  • Access to numerous support services and resources, including spiritual growth programs.
  • Ongoing parenting classes, instruction, and support, with combined life skills development.
  • Individual case management and goal setting.
  • Education planning, support while attending school, and access to computers for homework.
  • Career Development, employment related assistance, guidance, and support.
  • Access to specialized counseling services and groups as needed for personal growth and recovery.
  • Most importantly, clients will experience a loving, nurturing, Christian community of qualified and dedicated staff and volunteers.

united way donations accepted

United Way Giving
If your employer is a United Way contributor, you can designate your donation to go directly to Bethany House. Just ask your United way representative for a Donor Option card!


One of our first girls... she thought she may not amount to anything. Today she is married to a great guy, has a great job and has a great family!







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