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Dear Friends,

When you look at this precious baby, the last thing you think about is her growing up and experiencing the horrors that happen because of a bully’s cruel taunts, emotional attacks, and perhaps even threats of physical violence.

Jaydalin was born during our first phase, over eleven years ago, to Kristy. She was an adorable and happy baby who grew into a just as adorable “tween.” Sadly, lately, her smile had faded, her gaze was downcast, and her head often lowered. All symptoms of the bullying she had endured from her peers. 

Thankfully, this family understood there were solutions and mom reached out to the program that had helped her through the years: Bethany House.

Kristy’s daughter, Jaydalin is an 11 year old, born while her mom    participated in our first service phase. She has been a recipient of bullying.

Bethany House and Beth Rhinehart have come along side this girl and her family to find creative ways to beat the bullies in a healthy   manner. Jaydalin loves Karate as her channel for gaining confidence. Bethany House is funding her lessons and attending her classes, offering encouragement and support.

The changes in Jaydalin are already obvious. She no longer hangs her head. She will now look people in the eye without glaring as much. She smiles more. And she thinks she might even branch out into other sports next year!


Thank you and God bless you!




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