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"Bethany House is teaching me how to trust God with my life in what lies ahead for me and my child."













Anorvia's Story
My life was hectic and unstable before coming to Bethany House. As my pregnancy was extremely unsettling to my family, I moved in with my aunt and was living out of bags at her house. I wasn't attending school regularly. I was totally preoccupied, worrying about where I was going to live.

I had gone to Teen Insights, where I was given the number to Bethany House. I soon called and made an appointment, but I was scared. I didn't want to live in a place with people I didn't know. When I came to the interview at Bethany House my, aunt came with me. Because of her concern for me, she wanted a place that would help me with long-term benefits and assist me in becoming goal-oriented. Bethany House was exactly that. They not only made me accountable and responsible, but enabled me to follow through with my plans and goals to finish school.

My innermost dreams and hopes are becoming a reality day by day. I supplied the colors; Bethany House helped me paint the picture. On July 1, 2002 my baby girl was born and I am now looking forward with excitement and anticipation to being a successful mom.

I have returned to Bethany House and will be the first young mother to live in the brand new room for mother and baby, which is part of the pilot project for Phase-II, a continuation of the program. Coming back to Bethany House will give me the time to blossom even more as a mother, a godly, young woman and to continue with my education. I will enter the Pivot Program and finish my last credit for my high school diploma and continue on in the job-training program, which will take me about nine months. They are not pushing me onto rocky ground but giving me a fertile foundation in which to grow. Phase-II will put to the test what I actually learned in Phase-I, helping me to live out my new responsibilities and godly lifestyle. The program has not only been training me to become independent, responsible and confident, but also, is teaching me how to trust God with my life in what lies ahead for me and my child.


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