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When Miss Brittany came on the scene here at Bethany House we had a few concerns. She tended to be…well, a little mean spirited, very opinionated, and self-focused. However, over the past six months, Brittany has blossomed into a perfect example of how Bethany House can help women and infants discover a totally new direction in life - a fresh start.

“Growing up, I had a very rocky relationship with my family. Like many teenagers I had a problem with rebellion and not knowing where to place my anger. I was in and out of my mother's home until I buckled down and found my own place and supported myself. That lasted until I made a quick spiral down and started drinking and making poor choices, which affected my work performance. I lost a very good job. Things continued to get worse. My boyfriend's mom asked me to stay with them rent free for assistance around the house. Then the other bomb dropped. I got pregnant. His mom, who was extremely ill with cancer, asked me to leave if I wouldn't have an abortion. Thank God the local PRC directed me to Bethany House. I laughed and said, 'There's no way I'm living in some shelter.' Today, I am so grateful for Beth allowing me the privilege of living at Bethany House. I've learned so much. It has changed my life."

Beth opening her arms to a hard-head like me was a prayer answered. Bethany House's staff has played a huge roll in my growth. They continue to teach me so much. I am now a stronger and smarter person. I used to think getting pregnant was the worst thing that could ever happen. It turns out that it has been by far the best. God blessed me with the most beautiful, well-behaved, and flawless baby, Jeffery."

He is the best 'mistake' I've ever made. I would never take it back. I am head over heels, deeply in love with this 'new man' in my life. He's my own little angel in disguise. Thank you Bethany House for your love.”


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