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Carrie Anne's Story
Hi, my name is Carrie Anne. I resided at Bethany House 8 years ago in 1994. My story begins not all that different from many of the girls who have stayed there. I was 18, pregnant, and had no safe, smart, or responsible way of living. I had been living the party lifestyle. I was lying to my family about a variety of hardships that have happened to me since I left home at 17, including a gang rape, promiscuity and 4 abortions. I was a professional liar and manipulator. I had become so self destructive and felt so worthless that I wasn't making any good choices for myself, let alone the child in my belly.

When I broke the news to my family, my grandparents steered me toward getting information about a place called Bethany House. I did, and let me tell you moving into the house spun my life around in the most remarkable way. I was taken from being a selfish, angry, scared individual and transformed through love, patience, and discipline into a loving mother. Through their guidance and the love of a wonderful church I found the Lord. His love and faithfulness changed my heart and mind daily. In October that same year my first little gift from God came into my life. Liza Jane was born into the arms of this forever changed women.

You see, Bethany House planted a seed in my heart that has spanned into my future. That seed has walked me through single motherhood for a year. That seed gave the wisdom to wait for the right man to come along and we were married 4 years this June. That seed has given me the strength to get through the hardship of losing my Grandfather to cancer 2 years ago and the wisdom and guidance to come back to the Lord when I was lost in grief. The guidance I was blessed with at the home has helped me to come full circle in every aspect of my life. I am now volunteering at the house in their big sister program. I feel so inspired, energized and blessed that I have an opportunity to give back to a home that gave me and so many other women so much.

Thank you Beth for being a mom, a coach, a disciplinarian and my friend. You never gave up on me. Thank you to everyone involved in Bethany House. You gave hope to a broken girl and with time love patience and a swift kick in the seat of my pants turned me into a mom.


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