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Pregnant. Alone. Lost. Not on our watch!

"I used to be a party girl, but the moment I got pregnant with my oldest child (who's three now), I got clean and sober. For awhile, my boyfriend did, too, but it didn't last. Before I knew it, I was pregnant again, and he was back to the party lifestyle. I became a single parent about a week after our youngest son was born, and my boyfriend was eventually locked up for drugs. Of course, it's been hard. It's hard to date, hard to pay bills, and even hard to keep my sanity at times! But I've pushed through, and things are finally looking up. One of the things that I'm really proud of is that I've found an inner core of strength that I always thought was missing in me. It was there, but it was buried, and now it's out for the world to see!" ~Debbie

"When my son was just six-months old, my fiancé and I split. He'd battled with a long-time addiction to prescription pain killers, and I finally realized there was nothing I could do anymore. My son was my biggest priority, so at the tender age of 22, I packed up my stuff and became a single mum." ~Nikki

We hear almost identical comments over and over at Bethany House.

Addiction. Abandonment. Struggle. Three similarities common to most.

Granted, not every story is identical, but many share these common themes. But what we also see is how single moms, like our precious 'Bethany House women' find strength, hope, and courage and are able to move forward, overcoming obstacles and challenges that some of us, dare I say, might find overwhelming.

Another commonality is the fact that the families who succeed have help.

None of us are made to go it alone. Bethany House has been an example of that truth through the decades. With your help we will continue to provide the services and support needed to help single moms embrace success and change the dynamic of their family's future. We hope this Christmas you will consider joining our cause of—Changing and Touching two lives at a time, and generations beyond, with God's love and provision.




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