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The Bethany House Program success stories serve as a timely reminder why we do what we do and why you support what we do! we celebrate this “Season of Love” let’s remember the work we do is critical and life-changing, and what you so generously give truly changes lives.

Visit our Facebook Page for expanded stories. Updates and client quotes from Bethany House “girls” giving back: (names witheld for confidentiality)

One woman who was in our program about ten years ago, struggled with addiction to drugs, she had a history of domestic violence, and she wasn’t sure she’d ever be a good parent. I had the opportunity to speak with her again recently and discovered she is still drug free and raising her children in a safe, healthy environment. She gives credit to the support and skills she received from our program. She is not a statistic. She is a success!

“Bethany house made sure all my needs were met and gave me godly instruction on how to be a mother, a wife and a provider. This program and its financial supporters made it so that when I had my daughter 25 years ago that she and I wanted for nothing. We were overwhelmingly blessed with food clothing and training for success as I made a home and returned to the workforce.” (Today she works in social services helping troubled youth and financially supports the Bethany House Program)

“This program is a lifeline to women and their children in the community who have no place to go. God gave the vision for this program to be a beacon of light and mercy for women and children to have a future and a hope! Bethany House continues to offer housing through sponsor families and meets the needs in the local community when others have no answers.”

“Beth has always made it a point to be there too whenever I needed someone to talk too. My son was diagnosed with high functioning autism and our hardships through that only taught me even more to keep depending on God and to continuously find the strength and focusing more on those for him to build on. I was encouraged to depend on in God through Bethany House, I feel this has brought me and will continue to bring me through this life with a hope and a meaningful purpose for our lives”



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