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I found out I was pregnant; I was overwhelmed and afraid. I didn't have a clue what to do.
I pondered having an abortion, but didn't really want to do that. In my situation, though, I had a hard time seeing that I had a choice. Thankfully, I decided to keep my baby. At that time I was living at a friend's house. I was there for about two months when my baby's father harassed me so much that I was asked to leave. I ended up on my mom's couch, but knew that I had to do something about my crazy living situation since I couldn't sleep there forever.

I contacted Birthright, and they gave me the information and number for Bethany House, Bethany House has given me a stable and safe place to live. They helped me with parenting, life skills, and looking at the behaviors in my life that have caused me so much pain. I've learned how to manage money and have been paying off past bills for the first time.

Most importantly, I'm so glad that I have my daughter, Jaydalin. Because of her I don't want to do drugs anymore. Today there's nothing in the world more important than my daughter. Without Bethany House, I would have probably given up on being a mom and gone crazy with all the responsibilities that parenting brings. I'm, sorry to say that I would have likely gone back to my old lifestyle if not for Bethany House and the people that support girls like me.

Now my daughter and I have hope for a better future.
Thank you.


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