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Miracles Happen All Year, but Christmas is time to Celebrate!

This year we have focused on Memories... history - the transitions of the Bethany House Program, the stories of past women whose children are now impacting the world for God, and we've highlighted the many ways Bethany House has stayed 'in touch' with the heartbeat of hurting women and children for nearly three decades. 2017 has been extremely busy as we continue to support and serve pregnant women and women with children in a variety of practical ways, during the housing crisis that continues to affect our area. And with our transformation moving forward, our vital services will continue to incur expenses in order to meet the needs in our community. We're hoping you believe that what we have done, do, and what we have planned going forward has eternal value. If so, we ask specifically for your financial support. Partner with us as we continue to adapt, adjust, and assist those less fortunate.

Maria, pictured left and with her family, will gladly tell you the miraculous ways Bethany House helped her in the past and continues to support her even now as a happily married mother with a brand new baby.

"I always think about how much you (Bethany House) helped me get through a very tough time in my life (a pivotal point of positive change) and how nice you (Beth) were to me, even though you didn't know me. Thank you for being such a wonderful person! I don't think there's a day that goes by that you don't cross my mind. I even found the Bethany House newsletter I was in. It made me cry, couldn't help it. I got married last year to an amazing gentleman and we recently had a son, Corric. His birthday is the same day as yours! What a perfect coincidence, I thought. I feel it's the best day he could have been born, as does my husband, Jeff. A new chapter in my life full of happiness (which reminds me of when you came into my life). I am working on my Bachelor of Health Science right now from Pacific University in Hillsboro. Thankfully, it's an online program that works well for my family and new baby boy. I hope I get into the PA Program at Pacific, if so, we will move to Vancouver! Ziya couldn't be happier in life. She loves her new sibling, is very smart and excels in school. She is currently learning to ride horses!"



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