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In 1986 a vision gave birth to a dream - a dream in the mind of Beth Rhinehart to help pregnant women find shelter from life's storms while embracing their own significance and becoming strong women and mothers who contended for their children. Some scoffed at her dream, but thankfully others caught the vision and came alongside her to start what would eventually become known as Bethany House - a program for pregnant women and children - women who had nowhere to turn and were facing insurmountable odds to their success... for some, their actual survival.

The need was great, forcing Beth and those early supporters to think creatively. How could they help these women right now? They determined a sponsor family format, where women lived with families would be a solid starting point. This structure allowed many young, pregnant women who had no idea what a 'healthy' family looked like to be surrounded by love, which allowed them to learn by example while Beth and her capable team connected them with the required resources: well-baby care, counseling, education, financial support, healthy food, and so much more as they made the transition to motherhood and ultimately independence.

Beth and friends poured their hearts and souls into fundraising and gaining community support, and opened the doors of the 'big blue house' on Roberts, in Gresham, in 1990, welcoming up to five women at a time into the 'house phase' of the program. Here, the program expanded and flourished, helping change the lives of hundreds of women and children over its extended run. But as time passed the needs changed; more women with multiple children were looking for help and housing. Bethany house 'the house' was no longer enough to meet these changing needs, which led to the sale of the property in 2010 after much deliberation and dreams for a new direction and future for the program.

The sponsor-family-format was readapted and restructured to serve the women and children as plans for the future, apartment-based program was in conception. Beth and Bethany House have continued to help hundreds of needy women and children during the past seven years.

Now a new season is upon us. The current housing crisis in our area demands new direction and action. The Bethany House residential community, pictured to the right, must move from conception to birth. 2018 is the year for change, for making new memories, and helping more women and children find healing and hope. We urge you to join this exciting new step in our journey. Our Facebook page will provide ongoing details as we once again transition to better touch two lives at a time and generations beyond with God's love.




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