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There's just something about a sunny summer day
There's just something about a sunny summer day that leads many of us to our broom closet and cleaning supplies, and also gives us the nudge we need to start shaking those musty, dusty rugs out. Now granted, we may be accustomed to cleaning our homes, offices, or vehicles alone, but when it comes to cleaning up our hearts and minds…we are better off enlisting the support, encouragement, and guidance of others. God never intended or expected us to “clean up” on our own. In fact, for the pregnant women who come to Bethany House, they, too, have entered a new, fresh start-season.

Many of us grew up with the misconceived idea that we should not share our weaknesses with others. Some families spend a great deal of time making their homes dust free and sparkling clean, yet emotions are cluttered and shoved aside like a pile of dirty clothes kicked under a bed. Most of our residents have learned it is better to smile than cry when in pain, and to keep a secret rather than tell the truth. When they come to Bethany House, many are addicted to drugs, bad relationships, and their hearts are filled with shame, anger, and deep emotional pain. Thankfully, when they are ready to clean out the old and experience the cleansing grace of God, they have a safe place to begin the process.

Recently, Kandice joined our family. She is cleaning up and discarding the old addiction to heroin, a life of prostitution, and heartache. She describes her fresh start like this: “Before I came to Bethany House I was strung-out on heroin and prostituting to get my money and live. I've used drugs since I was eleven years old and I'm now twenty-three. As long as I can remember, I used drugs. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I had to do something different. Through a counselor at a treatment program, I learned about Bethany House, and moved in. Ever since, I've been clean and sober, off all drugs. I even stopped smoking! For the first time in my life I'm clean and have a new life. I have Bethany House to thank for that. Without their help and support, and believing in me, I probably wouldn't be here with a brand new fresh start for me and my baby. Thank you.”

Embracing a fresh start in life is a process that involves people like you partnering with programs like Bethany House in love, and providing the time, talents, and treasure to ensure that women and their babies have better tomorrows. So let's continue showing you care about nurturing two hearts at a time by making changes in the lives of young girls, their babies and generations


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