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Courtney's Story

It was my senior year of high school when I became pregnant. Like most teenagers I was rebellious, angry and insecure. I was also in an extremely abusive relationship, and believed I deserved every derogatory and physical mistreatment I got. Drug charges soon put my then boyfriend in jail for a year & I was left to face one of the hardest decisions of my life.

My decision led me to the Bethany House Program and I truly believe it saved my life. I knew nothing of God or faith, how to take care of myself, work, finances, or any of the basic needs of providing for myself let alone a child. Scared; seems an unjustified word to describe my worries and fears.

When I arrived at the Bethany House’s “Big Blue House” I could immediately feel the love and support surrounding each and every woman in the house. Something I had not felt in a very long time. My faith in humanity and kindness was restored. The relationships I made with the other girls in the program, the house mother and Beth have stayed with me. I remember wondering how could these people love, support and forgive me-they owed me nothing yet gave me everything unconditionally.

While in the program, I attended college and received my GED. They helped me find a job, medical insurance, and a church. I learned to take care of myself and my unborn son. I would walk every day and my new found faith gave me peace during this trying time.

Bethany House gave every option available without judgment. With that said, I decided I would move forward with adoption. I found a couple who was not able to have children of their own. One was a lawyer and the other worked for Boeing. They were able to provide a life for my unborn child I did not think I could provide. This now was by far the hardest decision I had ever made; the most unselfish decision I had ever made.

After I gave birth, my son went to live with his new family & I went to visit almost every weekend for about a month. (An open adoption) I was soon served with papers for custody from the father when he was released from jail. I had yet another decision to make, fight for custody, or, let the adoptive family fight for custody; who would most likely not win in court. I knew I would be a better alternative for my child than his abusive and destructive father.

The custody battle ended when the father went to prison for assault. I was granted 100% custody. (The adoptive family, as devastated as they were, was also blessed. They became pregnant and had a child of their own.) I knew I could not fail my child after everything I went through, I had no excuses – I was now responsible for another life and was given the tools from the Bethany House to succeed.

I found a daycare, a job at a bank and after a few years I was able to purchase a home for me and my child Elijah. I continued my education; I attended college during my lunch hour and online. I am now a legal assistant. I was married in 2015 to my amazing husband who is without a doubt a gift from God. I not only raised my own son, but was able to take in another child who was homeless and in need of stability. I am proud to say they both graduated from High School this year and both are attending college in September.

I can’t imagine where I would be or who I would be without the love and support of Bethany House. The service of love they provided extended far beyond me. It has touched the lives of so many others.




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