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Jack and Beth.


Tina and Daniel.



Dear Friends,

There is never a dull moment at Bethany House. When Jack and I started welcoming young women, like Luke's mother, Cathie, into our home almost twenty years ago, we had no idea what God had in store for us. What began as a dream has grown from one hurting-pregnant-girl on our living room sofa to a specialized program and home filled with laughter and love – a home where over 400 women and their children have found a whole new life. What a journey! Many of you have been with us since the very beginning, while some of you have just joined us as we continue to uncover  precious diamonds in the rough. Although these young women may be rough around the edges when they arrive, when they leave, well, let's just say they do indeed sparkle and shine with God's light.

This past year, we have learned a great deal more about you, our friends and supporters. Many of you, quite frankly, are burned out on the whole big-banquet event. We understand!

We have decided, after much prayer and consideration, to try something new and different in 2008. Our program has always been about relationships – developing and maintaining lasting friendships with our residents and our partners. Although our yearly banquet has, for many years, served as our primary source for fundraising, we have decided to step out in faith with a new relationship-building program. What does this new program "look like?" Let me explain.

We'd like to come to you at your home, church, business, or organization and put on a "party" (for lack of a better word) where we share refreshments and  the ministry of Bethany House with you and your guests. This will allow curious friends (we know you're out there) to join us in an informal setting to find out if Bethany House's mission matches your desires to serve and share. We will also look for supporters to sponsor smaller fundraising events. Why not host a dinner party for six or eight couples who value life and are interested in learning more about our ministry? We'll share our inspirational video and be there to answer questions about how you and your guests can get involved. If you're not sure how to pull this type of thing off, just call. We would be glad to host your group at Bethany House and include a program tour. With events and parties like this, we are sure to make friends and provide incredible service opportunities for you and your friends. Contact us to learn more. After all, digging for diamonds is a group effort. These lives are a treasure worth finding and fighting for.


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