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Bethany House is about life, but sadly, part of life is ultimately death

Recently, Beth Rhinehart, attended the life celebration for Katy Roe, born while her mother, Keri Roe, resided at Bethany House, in 1994. Keri gave birth to twins while living at Bethany House, Katy and Margaret. The family eventually settled on the coast, in Depot Bay.

Part of what Bethany House does is support mothers throughout life journeys. Once a Bethany House 'girl' always a Bethany House 'girl'— that means providing support and encouragement through all life's struggles, including an unexpected death. Our 'services' don't end. They last a lifetime. We were honored to be part of this precious young woman's life.

In the short twenty-two years Katy lived she left her own legacy. She volunteered in her community and had an artistic flare, playing piano, singing, and starting a photography program at the local community college. She had a love for the outdoors and was a member of the Otter Rock Surf Club and Kids' Zone Rowing Club.

She had just been promoted to Front End Manager at her job with Safeway. She was well-liked and respected by all who knew her. We want to honor her life, and show our support and love for her mom, Keri Roe; her twin sister, Margaret; and all her extended family and friends. Please pray for this hurting family.

"When the time comes for
you to die, you need not be
afraid, because death
cannot separate you from
God's love."
~ Charles H. Spurgeon




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