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Dear Friends,
It's once again the magic month when we celebrate mothers—those amazing women who have the hardest job on the planet and who frequently receive little gratitude for their amazing fortitude and unfathomable love.

'Mothering' is not a skill that comes naturally for all, and sadly, many women were not raised in a way that prepared them for successful parenting. Others find themselves thrust into the motherhood-role, during extremely difficult times in their lives.

Such was the story for one young woman, Precious. Pregnant and leaving an abusive relationship and the party-girl lifestyle behind, she found herself at Bethany House, hoping for a fresh start.

Recently I was able to talk with her about her "Bethany House Experience." She admitted she wasn't sure what to expect, but that she found direction, acceptance, and love, while learning parenting skills and how to challenge old beliefs, allowing her to break free from behaviors that had had negatively impacted her life for so long. She wanted something different and better for her future son, Marcello.

Today, Precious is in a healthy relationship of three years, she's finishing her college degree, and her son, who she affectionately calls, "Mijo," (Spanish for my son) is excelling in middle school and has been an active member of Boy Scouts for the past three years. She's left her former life behind and is celebrating seven years clean and sober! Congratulations, Precious! We wish you an amazing Mother's Day! You are indeed a miracle.

Precious and Marcello's success story is one more in our growing list of women and children who have different lives today because of the critical part the Bethany House Program played in their lives. Seeing the changes and where these women are at years down the road are proof that something pretty exciting is happening through Bethany House.

Thank you and God bless you!




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