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A Whole New Family

Like so many Bethany House residents, Hi’ilani discovered a church family that embraced both her and baby Jeremiah. The love and support of men and women who did not judge her situation allowed her to grow and learn to depend on God and others. On Valentines Day, baby Jeremiah was baptized by Pastor Les while a proud Hi’ilani looked on.

This precious family has a whole new lease on life thanks to Life-Changers like you. Your giving gives new life to women and children. You make an eternal difference. God bless you!














“I hope that more young women will come to Bethany House, like I did, and have their lives changed. Bethany House was the loving atmosphere that I have needed in this time of my life. I am grateful to have found this place...” - Hi’ilani

HI’ILANI FROM HAWAII: A brand new mom

I am a native Hawaiian. I was born on the island of Oahu. I grew up with my parents, until they split up when I was nine. My parents separated and I moved to my grandparents with my dad, my sister, and my brother, after moving back and forth between locations and homes, with different family members.

I struggled through school and eventually got mixed up with the wrong kids, and got involved with drugs and alcohol. My life was a “party.” I was out of control. I was sneaking out of the house to stay at my boy-friend’s house, and lying to my dad about it. My dad told me not to “make babies.” But, with time, that’s exactly what happened. I was dating a twenty-two year old guy, drinking and doing drugs with him, when I found myself pregnant. I was still smoking cigarettes and marijuana, and drinking, until I was three months along.

I wanted to quit doing these things, but it was very hard. I eventually left my baby’s dad, due to his lack of interest, and knowing that the only way I could become a good mom would mean leaving Hawaii; I flew to my Auntie’s home in Oregon. She took me to a Pregnancy Resource Center in Sandy, where I found out about Bethany House. I quickly had an appointment for an interview, and immediately knew that this was where I needed to be.

Bethany House has done so much for me, like helping me to get the counseling that I needed. At Bethany House I have learned to budget and do money management, which really helped me out. Here I have learned about parenting, and house-keeping. I’m still working on learning to manage responsibilities, and good time -management. I’ve learned how to approach people, and am learning to improve my communication with others. Relationship building is a big deal here, and I have made some life-long friends.


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