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Just last week, one of our longtime residents, Heather, stepped out into the world beyond Bethany House with a brand new fresh start. She found affordable housing and ongoing support for both her and baby RylieAnne. Before moving into her new home, Heather shared the following:

“When I first came to Bethany House, I was in treatment for 16 years of drug use, alcohol abuse, and addictive lifestyle choices. I'd been in treatment for about three months and was still a mess internally. I'd spent half my life running and hiding any way I could. I'd stopped living life in many ways. Treatment and going back to church put me on the path to Bethany House, but it wasn't until I came here and was surrounded by other Christians, who had walked a similar path, that I truly began to grow again."

Before I came here, I was constantly stressed out about housing, living in a domestic violence shelter, and not taking very good care of myself."

Coming here gave me the ability to relax and really work on some of my deeper issues. My daughter, RylieAnne, was born April 6, 2006. She was healthy and strong. I'm thankful to Beth for taking a chance on an “older” girl - me being thirty-one. The program has helped me accept love again in a healthy way. I know at Bethany House I am loved, accepted, and valued. I haven't felt these things from my biological family in so long. I know that no matter where I go, I always have a home and family to come back to at Bethany House.”

Heather, way to go on a fresh new start for you and little RylieAnne!


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