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A Home For Logan
This story began on November 8 when we received a call from my aunt who is in a Bible Study with Logan’s Grandma Karen.

Karen, who is a strong believer, was asking for prayer concerning a court proceeding the next day. She asked for guidance from God and also if anyone knew of a family that could adopt Logan. Karen and her husband Jerry do missionary dentistry and are unable to raise Logan. My Aunt mentioned to her that we have been trying to adopt for the past four years and that we are a solid Christian family.

During the court proceeding, the judge granted Karen temporary 30 day custody with the expectation of finding a suitable home. We prayed about it and on November 13 we met Logan for the first time. Earlier that same day I was straightening up a table in my office and happened to glance at the cover story in the fall issue of the Bethany House newsletter. As I glanced at it I noticed the name “Lindsey” at the bottom. I skimmed through and saw the name “Logan” and put two and two together. I rushed out to show my wife and we were not only amazed but convinced that this was confirmation. That night we met with Karen, Jerry and precious little Logan and the bond was instantaneous. Logan didn’t cry once. He was so loving, we fell in love with him that night. We knew there was another couple that the Klein’s were meeting with and Lindsey still had the last word, so we prayed and God gave us the most incredible peace.

On November 18 Karen called with the good news, Lindsey had chosen us. The next week we went to the adoption agency and met Lindsey. She reminded us of one of our youth group kids. We had a great dinner with the four of them and then parted ways.

On December 2 we went to court where Lindsey signed over her rights allowing us to take our precious gift from God home. Karen and Jerry joined us for dinner and said their goodbyes to their little angel. They told us that God had given them peace at our first meeting and they made their decision before they reached the end of our street.

This has been a true blessing, not just for us but many others as well. We have a great church family that is rejoicing with us, and even threw a “Meet The Parents” party where the Klein’s were able to fellowship with people from our congregation. Karen and my Aunt Carolyn shared how God orchestrated this entire event.
After twelve years years of marriage, eight years of trying to have a child, four mis-carriages, and numerous attempts at adopting, the Lord put this little one in our home at His perfect timing.

We gave Logan the middle name of Makana’ Akua which in Hawaiian means “Gift from God” and he truly is. We have seen God move powerfully and decisively. His fingerprints are all over this little one’s life.

Mellanie and I would like to thank you for being part of Logan’s life and we will keep you updated on his adventures. Within three weeks our lives changed forever. What a blessing!!!

In His Gracious Grip,
Russ & Mellanie Baley


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