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Ilia's Story
When I got pregnant, I was working at an adult video store, doing drugs, and drinking heavily. I didn't care about myself or my life.

Once I knew that there was someone growing inside of me and depending on me, it changed everything. I thought about abortion very briefly because I didn't think I was ready for parenthood but I knew I could never do that. I didn't want to give her to someone else, so I decided to change my life for her. I quit doing drugs and quit my job.

I moved in with my mother because she said she would help me. Soon after, we started fighting on a daily basis. I knew by the way I was feeling, I was not mentally and emotionally safe there.

One of the last places I called about housing was Bethany House. Beth told me she was in the process of getting a house mother and after that I could move in. A month later she called me for an interview and I moved in that week.

Living at Bethany House was a great help to me in my time of need and started me on the road I wanted to go down for my daughter. After about two months I wanted to get situated on my own before my baby was born. I moved in with a friend I met at school and on January 29, 2005, my beautiful daughter Violet was born.

She has continued to be a godsend since the day I found out I was pregnant. I hope Bethany House continues to be able to bless soon-to-be mothers with healing and healthy stability. I also hope that someday I can help Bethany House for helping me.

– Ilia


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