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Kristy, Rachel and Tonya.








"Jewels Shining Brightly"

With Her head Held High
The day Tonya came to Bethany House is a day we will all remember. She walked though the door with her head hung; with an almost tangible aura of sadness surrounding her. We all wondered about her previous life. Why did she seem so heartbroken? Later, we discovered  that Tonya had grown up in an array of foster homes and had been abused, neglected, and beaten. As we began to know her, one thing stood out, Tonya was a survivor, someone  who wanted to learn and grow despite how her life had been. Today, Tonya loves to cook, organize, and clean. She is an incredible caregiver. If you want the best Potato Pancakes, she's your girl! Tonya has had many difficulties with her pregnancy and was on bed rest for over a month. As of now, she is off bed rest and enjoying doing the "normal" things again. We have seen such remarkable growth in Tonya since her arrival.  We are so proud of her. She now walks with her head held high and a smile on her face. This is what Bethany House is all about; this is what your contribution allows us to accomplish -- to love and help each girl become an independent, self-sufficient woman of God.  

A Diamond in the Rough
Rachel came from a Christian home where she was loved and over protected by her mother. It was clear that she needed to learn life skills to be able to take care of herself and her baby. Later, we were to find out that Rachel had been raped in her teens and molested at a very young age. Her mom became over protective because she had felt so guilty about what happened to her precious daughter. As Rachel began our program she started to change and we began to see this frightened, uncertain girl begin to blossom. Rachel is becoming more confident in herself and learning all she can about having a healthy baby. She is changing her eating habits, working part time and will be volunteering in the community. The hardest part of this journey is working on deep personal issues. Thank you for making this safe home possible for girls like Rachel.

From Tears to Joy
Most of you remember our Christmas newsletter where we introduced our newest baby girl Jaydalin and her mom, Kristy. Yet another success story! Kristy is in the process of getting her GED, and is doing very well. Jaydalin is now four months old and has started laughing when we say" Boo." It is so wonderful to hear her little laugh and see the happy smile on her face! Kristy will be taking a little bit of us all with her as well as leaving a bit of herself behind when she transitions out. You see, she is our comedy relief. Ever need a laugh?--Call Kristy. These women are such unique individuals with so much to share. Thank you for helping them discover joy after tears.

Jewels shine brightly every day at Bethany House. You help make these women sparkle!

Thank you!


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