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Krystal's Story
When I first arrived at Bethany House, I was four months pregnant and more scared that I have ever been in my life.

Being 18 and pregnant to my family was not acceptable, so I was asked to leave. The baby's father was involved, but could not help me find a place to live. I felt helpless and alone and thought my life was going down the drain.

When I was told that Bethany House would accept me, I was both scared and happy. I did not know what to expect. My thoughts at that point were that I wanted to adopt the baby out to people better suited to take care of him.

Living at the house gave me time to think about my life, pregnancy and future so I could make a good decision. I decided to get a job and move into my own apartment so I could be more independent. During my last month of pregnancy, I realized that my life at that point had completely changed - I was more mature and independent than I had ever been.

Robert and I decided to keep the baby boy. Christian James was born on April 28, 2005 and he is the most beautiful thing in my life. All of the fears left when I saw him. Robert is a great father and we are planning our wedding. I am starting college this summer for a career in nursing so I can support myself and my son. I realized that I want to be the best mom I can be and there are no limits on life but what you put on yourself.

– Krystal


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