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Let it snow…love, blessings, health, renewed hope and healing upon you, your families, and the women and children we serve, and on the Bethany House Program. May we all experience God’s blessings and love this Holiday Season. There are so many reasons to be thankful. We want to thank you for your generous support of our program, and for the sponsor families that continue to provide shelter in life’s storms for women and children and pregnant women who need a place to call home.

“J” tells her story below toward becoming successful and independent and how her sponsor family played a role. “My experiences from living with my Sponsor Family were more than I expected. I came here to Oregon to give my daughter up for adoption. After I gave birth to my baby girl, I could not give her up. Afterwards the adoption agency had to cut me off and I had nowhere to go. I called Bethany House and Beth call back with news of a Sponsor Family that was interested in meeting with me and decided I would fit with their family. We still hangout and go to church together and they adore my little girl. My Sponsor Family to this day is still in my life and are more than that, we are family. We love each other. I would like to give a special Thank You to Bethany House, the Supporters and to my Sponsor Family for all their love and support =)” My daughter and I are living in our own apartment now and I am working toward a Degree in Business.”

ONE SPONSOR FAMILY HAS THIS TO SAY “My first encounter with Bethany House came 3 years or so ago when I contacted them and volunteered to be a “big sister” to one of the girls. I got to know a young lady and so much enjoyed having her and her child in our lives. So, when Bethany House began their Sponsor Family Program Beth asked me if that was something my family would be interested in. I had quite a bit of time on my hands and wanted to be involved in some kind of ministry.

"My family agreed with me that this would be a good opportunity for us. Beth and I met the young lady and together we decided that she would be a good fit for our family. She was in a difficult living situation and needed to make some big changes in her life in order to keep her baby.

"Anytime one adds a member to an existing family, there are some adjustments. Our transitions haven’t always been smooth, but we’ve been very glad to see the changes in attitudes as well as actions in this young lady’s life. Not only did eating habits get much healthier, but her choices of friends and activities have gotten healthier as well” This family had the joy of watching a healthy baby come into the world and were able to help prepare their sponsored woman to move out on her own, attend classes that would allow her to work and earn a living from home while being with her child.

"We understand not everyone can sponsor a woman and her child or children. But we believe everyone who believes the work we do is valuable will be blessed when they give to help hurting, homeless, and often abused women find safe shelter, healing, while discovering new ways to live, love, and parent successfully. The evidence is clear: The Bethany House Program helps create generations that give back to their communities after experiencing kindness and care from others who generously give."





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