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“I will always be grateful for the love and
support that I received, for the family I
gained, and all of you who made it
possible for me to be who I am today.”

A Note from Luke




A marine to be proud of!

Who would have known that the first child born to Bethany House would be serving our country? In 1988 Bethany House had its first arrival, baby Lucas. Like many young women Lucas's mother Cathie found herself pregnant and wondering what to do.

Pregnant and alone, Cathie went to Crisis Pregnancy Center to seek help. She was told about a new home for girls that was forming and would be opening soon – Bethany House.

Founder and Director Beth Rhinehart, along with her husband Jack (known as Grandpa) opened their home to Cathie. A special family was formed. Cathie came to know the Lord and was moving forward. Then along came Lucas whom everyone loved and watched grow right before their eyes.

From first steps to first grade to first girlfriend, the family walked through these steps with him. Like most kids, Luke struggled at times, but he always knew that he had the love and support of his mother and “adopted” family f rom Bethany House.

Overnight, Luke grew into a young man and was successfully completing high school. Needless to say, he had a very proud “family” watching him accept his diploma.

Then came the announcement; of "I am going to join the Marines."  I think we all could have heard a pin drop. He couldn't even clean his room much less join the Marines. Our hearts and minds were filled with memories of the little boy born so long ago in a ministry just beginning. 

Today, Luke has finished his MOS training in the Marines. He has started his education at MHCC and is serving in the Reserves. Luke will always be
a very special part of Bethany House’s history as our first baby. He is a reminder of what can happen when we step out in faith and trust God.


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