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Molly's Story of Success
When Molly came to Bethany House 10 yrs. ago she stated she was the sorriest person you could hope to meet. Her life was in virtual ruin and she felt ashamed, humiliated and very much alone. The pressure of trying to find out what she was going to do with her own life was starting to depress her even more than having an un-planned pregnancy. Finally, Molly went to the Pregnancy Resource Center in Beaverton and was directed to Bethany House. Once there, she quickly adjusted to the structured life. She began to enjoy attending a local church where she accepted the Lord. After her son, Daniel, was born Molly lived with a sponsor family for a short time.

Molly recently sent us this update on her life: "After Daniel was born I went to live with a sponsor family where I completed my two-year associate's degree at Clark College, achieving a perfect GPA and was elected the valedictorian at my commencement ceremony. After this, I worked for almost 2 years for the Vancouver Public School system where I was the executive assistant to Title VII grants. I moved to Albuquerque, NM in 1999 and married Daniel's father, Michael Payne, in 2000. About a year later we had another baby, Josh. I now work as the Office Manager for a high-tech manufacturing firm called Quasar International. We own a home in Albuquerque, and Daniel has been able to attend private school here in town. Thankfully, we are all doing very well.

"I recently came back to town for my grandmother's funeral. She had been a supporter of Bethany House for 10yrs. Every time I went to visit her, she made me feel as if I was bringing her the greatest gift she could possibly receive. She was always delighted to see me or talk to me on the phone, and she always made me feel like I was important, someone special to her. Even though I had made many mistakes in my life, and she knew about all of them, she never reminded me of them. She just assured me, through her gentle grace and wisdom, that I was capable of doing better. I am humbled and honored to know that I was important to her. Bethany House was another place where I felt as if I were unique, loved unconditionally, and encouraged to be a success. I am so thankful for the blessings that have come to me through Bethany House. I honestly don't know where I would be today without their help. I pray that other young women in my situation would find and glean the same wonderful rewards that I did from such a needed community service as Bethany House."

We are encouraged to see that the fruit of our labors has been reaped so rewardingly through Molly!


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