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Celebrating how sponsor families help

“We lived in a nice house in what at the time was a good neighborhood. After a while the neighborhood started to go down hill; it became the ghetto. Most of the young people that went to my school and lived in my neighborhood were statistics. If you weren’t the one out of four that were graduating, you were either going to end up dead, in jail, an addict, a struggling teen mom, or a drug dealer and/or gang member."





















Loving Like Christ

Nancy’s Bennett's Story: Once upon a time, about 23 years ago, I found myself in a rather desperate situa-tion. A number of poor decisions had left me with what appeared to be no hopeful options. I recall clearly my audible cry “God, I know you are there, and only you can help me out of this mess I have made. Please, help me.” Even at that moment, already His plan was in action to deliver me and put my feet on firm ground. Within two days a home was opened to me as a stable, safe place to get myself headed in the right direction. From that time on, I have had a desire to be used by our heavenly Father, and to be His hands, feet, and even home for girls and women facing desperate situations.

Early this year I heard of a friend who was becoming a Sponsor Family with Bethany House. We talked as a family about how having a single mom and her new-born would be different then having a high school
exchange student, and how too it would be similar: loving them like Jesus would. So we contacted Beth at Bethany House and asked to complete the application process.

Counting short term foster care and exchange students, we have had over 50 teenage girls stay with us, any-where from one night to one year. Each has been a special experience for us. But having this young lady here has been such a precious gift from God. I have been so blessed by her sweet, gentle, patient, gracious, grateful manner.

When I observe how she goes from day to day, hour to hour, willingly seeking to contribute to the household operations, I am humbled. Whatever I have asked of her, whether in baby care, goal setting, or chores, she has always done with a cheerful disposition.

When I first met this young lady she was staying in a hotel room with her 6-day old baby. This young woman was figuring out all that needed to be done, on her own, in a hotel room, with no family or friends to help. I brought them to our home for a night so they could get a feel for our family and so we could talk about the covenant that would be.

That was nearly six months ago. There have been many medical appointments for her and baby. She has taken a Learn & Earn class from the Pregnancy Care Center nearly every week. She has prepared to go to the local community college’s adult diploma program and has started class . She has also participated in a local weight loss support group and she has made a few new friends, too. All that while she has cared for a (sometimes FUSSY) newborn.

Having this young lady and her son has blessed our family richly. I could not have asked for a more suitable match. In fact, I had specifically asked God to use us in this ministry, and to please make us a good match. And how gracious has our Father been, to bring our lives together for a time. She will need continued support as she matures and prepares for her future. While I am not certain how long they will be in our home, I am certain that her be-ing here has been part of God’s plan, a plan that began long, long ago. That just amazes me: He has always known that she would be here with us, blessing us, enriching our lives. What a great God we serve!


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