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One Face of Success:
Nicole's Story
As we were exploring the idea of success wearing different “faces,” we received a call from former resident Nicole. Now at first glance, Nicole might be a Bethany House girl that was not as successful as some. However, her unique circumstances and her own personal growth are something to cheer about.

Young Nicole grew up never knowing her father. She lived with her mom and grandparents until she was eight years old. At that time, her mother married an Air Force guy (that's her description!) Her family began to move all over the country, leaving Nicole feeling out of place and uprooted, never able to settle down in one place. She also explained even though her new dad adopted her and provided love and support, she always felt abandoned and rejected by her real father. Thus, began her quest for seeking love, a father's love, in all the wrong places, primarily destructive relationships.

After a horrible fight with her grandparents, Nicole moved to Portland, Oregon, where she met a man on the internet. Her internet romances and compulsive relationships continued to worsen. She moved in with this man and again got pregnant, eventually there was a drug bust that brought child protective services into her life. She had a hard pregnancy, having to administer shots to keep from contracting deadly blood clots. After much pleading from her family she came to Bethany House, where she stayed for only six weeks.

Looking back today, Nicole realizes just how “good she had it” at Bethany House, where she was pursuing her GED, and learning life skills. Unfortunately, for Nicole, she wanted to do things her way, and left against our advice, knowing she could lose her baby to the state. Armed with the dose of hope she had received at Bethany House, she fought for her baby, and today is the mother of Kayden, now three months old. Nicole shared, “Leaving Bethany House was a mistake. The grass is not always greener on the other side. But, I did learn a great deal in a very short time. Today, I'm in parenting classes. I'm getting my GED and starting job training. Bethany House and this birth have helped me grow up. I've learned God loves me and he has given me so much grace even though I made so many poor choices and mistakes. Bethany House was my beginning, now I'm walking out a better ending.” Indeed, this is a budding success story. We'll definitely stay tuned!


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