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Not your typical story

Friends, it is hard to believe fall is in the air. The changing seasons bring a sense of wonder and of things becoming new once more. As summer gives way to fall, I am reminded what an incredible summer the Bethany House Program has had, ending with our much anticipated picnic reunion.

Women we have served over the years attended with their families. Even our very first program participant was in attendance, with her adult son and his young daughter and wife. Three generations that were touched by our program. To see the personal growth and success in the lives of these women was the perfect end to the summer months. One woman, Rachael, attended with her husband and daughter. Her story isn't typical, not even close. She credits Bethany House with helping not only with her pregnancy but with the grief that followed. You see, Rachael's 'Bethany House baby' was born prematurely.

Her precious daughter was born at just 26 weeks and spent five weeks fighting for her life with her mom by her side. She was supported during this difficult time by Bethany House staff and when she speaks of this tragic time in her life, she is now able to see that her daughter was a gift not only to her but also for many others, during her short time on this earth. When we visited at the reunion, she brought a picture of her daughter and special bear that was created to commemorate and celebrate her baby's life. She was accompanied by her husband and the daughter she had later.

She was interviewed about her time in the Bethany House Big Blue House Phase, and couldn't believe it was all the way back in 2009 and how her life has changed and how much she has grown.

Your support truly helps women walk through their tragedies to experience triumph in all areas of life, including making it through those heartbreaking times. The picture below is Rachael with daughter's picture and a very special bear that was made to actually weigh the same as her precious little one she lost.

So many women and children need extra help. They need someone to walk beside them through the trials and triumphs of their lives. The Bethany House Program, under the direction of Beth E Rhinehart, has been doing that very thing since 1986. She would like to continue helping transform lives far into the future, but we needier help to continue. Like so many other programs, donations decreased significantly during the summer months. We are trusting God for a season that will bring new financial surplus and supporters to walk beside us into the coming months. Please, take advantage of one of our many giving options today.

Thank you and God bless you!