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Success Continues:
Rebecca's Story

I came to Bethany House when I was almost three months pregnant. I had nowhere to go, and I was really scared of being homeless, or having a miscarriage. My family had turned away from me and I had no father, and my mother had passed away. I was at the hospital one night and I just couldn’t take the fear anymore. Thankfully, the hospital referred me to Bethany House. I was so scared the house would be a shelter-warehouse, with rows of hard beds. When I came for my interview, I was shocked. Bethany House is so fancy and nice. I could eat when I needed to, and I had my very own bedroom. It was like a family to me. Beth has been more of a mom to me than anyone in my life. It’s amazing someone would be so nice to me, and do more for me than my ‘blood’ family. 

I learned a lot about God. He really can help if you talk to him and he makes things better. I stopped being so depressed and I began to get on my feet. 

I got a job, found a church to go to, and met new friends. I learned not to spend so much time criticizing others, instead I learned to focus on my own issues and problems. I developed a get up and go attitude. I started to want things way too fast, though, and shortly after getting my job, I decided it was time to move out. I did. Big mistake!  

Bethany House came to help me even after I moved. They provided all my furniture, and took me on errands. Carol took me to the hospital when I was in trouble and Beth continued to advise me. I ended up losing my apartment, and I realized I needed more help. Bethany House helped me get into a new, long-term housing program.

Today, my son, Gabriel, is six weeks old and he is so big and cute. I am back in high school and continuing to grow and change. Beth and Carol came to visit me at my new program. I am amazed they care so much. I just want to say thank you to Bethany House for being the family I never had and helping me to get settled in another great program, where I can continue my journey.” 

Partnering with other agencies to ensure client success is something Bethany House desires to do. We are continuing to form relationships with other programs that can help women be all they can be with God’s love.

– Rebecca


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