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Shared values lead to sharing the Bethany House vision...

When our friend and supporter, Jim Misner, from Pro-Touch Painting calls, we can’t help but smile. Jim is a financial donor/volunteer of time/giver of goods and services/prayer person/ ... okay, we’ll stop there. Seriously, this man does more than a few things for Bethany House. As a man who values the lives of young women and children, Jim has reached out and formed a relationship with our program. He believes that helping Bethany House is highly rewarding. In fact, Jim had the following to say after receiving a thank you note from us: “I am sure that you fully agree that the greatest thanks we can receive is the blessings the Lord will bestow on you and the girls touched by your ministry. Thank you for letting us be a part of it in any way that we can.” Thank you, Jim, for your kindness and service!

Around the same time that Jim and his friends were diligently working on repairing our deck, a quilting group from the Cherry Park Plaza invited our girls over for a delicious lunch and to present a handmade quilt to Danielle. As you can see from the photos, these women were overjoyed to give of their talents to bless a young woman in need of love and support. Sadly, shortly after this engagement, our precious Danielle lost her baby. This was Bethany House’s first miscarriage in over seventeen years. Although this is a tragic situation, Danielle is committed to changing her life. We are committed to standing by her has she walks through her grief and continues to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We trust the good work that God started will be completed. Please join us in praying for Danielle’s future.



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