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Hello, my name is Beth Rhinehart. I am the Founder and Executive Director of Bethany House.

Since 1986, the Bethany House Program has been serving pregnant women and women with children, by helping these young mothers find healing and hope, coupled with the tangible skills and training to help them escape poverty, addiction, domestic violence, lacking education and non-sustaining employment prospects.

The program has also provided housing in addition to our specialized program, using a sponsor family model and a house we operated for 20-plus years in Gresham, OR. For the past several years we have returned to the sponsor family format but have discovered there are just too many under-served women and children in our community to stay with that housing option alone. It’s time to expand!

We have long envisioned a smaller living community where women can rent low income housing while gaining the skills from our time-tested program. Recently, we learned of a fourplex owner who was considering donating her under-performing units to a nonprofit program as a tax write off. Is that person you or someone you know?

We thought, let’s be bold. Why not reach out, into our community, and see if there are other owners of fourplexes or apartment complexes who might be willing to donate their property to a nonprofit like Bethany House just like this property owner:

There is no doubt a housing crisis in Oregon. There are women and young children sleeping on our streets who need education, training, medical attention, and a safe place to call home. Would you like to be part of an amazing program that has a proven record of success and generations of seeing lives changed?

Let’s talk and see how we can make a difference together.


Founder & Executive Director
Bethany House, Inc.
PO Box 3278, Gresham, OR 97030

503.667.8409 / Cell 503.319.3759

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