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A new King (baby)...Daniel
Just over a month ago, a strapping young man-to-be entered the world and joined the Bethany House family. His head of dark, silky curls was enough to make every person in his presence ooh and ah. New mommy, Tina, is as proud as can be when it comes to this new little person — he truly is a miracle and a blessing.

Before coming to Bethany House, Tina struggled to hold a job. She was in and out of destructive relationships, drinking too much, on the quest that so many young women undertake to find Mr. Right, yet continually ending
up with Mr. Wrong. With a sense of hopelessness and a lack of clear direction, Tina came to Bethany House when she was just nine weeks pregnant. Afraid, with nowhere to go, she was ready for life change.

However, like most of our residents, Tina initially battled with letting go of the old ideas and beliefs in order to embrace a new, more effective way to live. Early in her pregnancy, an array of fears, old guilt, shame, and emotional pain assaulted Tina. Against our advice, she chose to leave Bethany House, and was struggling with personal choices — issues that most single, expectant women debate at some point in their pregnancy. Thankfully, Tina knew the best choice would be to return to Bethany House. The very same night she left, she called Beth Rhinehart, the program’s director, and asked to come back, stating, “I realized that I’d left a place where people cared for me unconditionally.” Unbeknownst to Tina, the staff had been fervently praying for her safe return.

Upon her return, Tina dove into her healing on a whole new level. She started volunteering her time at several local non-profits. Here she was able to give back to the community in a tangible way. One of her volunteer sites completely embraced her and continues to offer support and encouragement. They informed us that Tina was an “absolute delight.” However, even more importantly, Tina believes one of the most crucial and life changing things she learned while at Bethany House was the art of forgiveness.

Learning to forgive and move forward has provided Tina with an opportunity to find restoration in her life and her relationships. Tina also has been free from alcohol for over ten months now and willingly has participated in recovery groups and healing classes. As she prepares to move into her own apartment, she is hopeful that her son’s future rests in God’s hands, and she will continue to be the best mom she can possibly be. We applaud your hard work Tina! Keep it up.


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