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Together We Can!
Bethany House has a vision and a mission that many of you have embraced. This program is much more than its staff, however critical these incredible people are. Without community involvement, this program would not have flourished for the past 16 years, nor would we be able to accomplish our future goals for extended services that will allow us to help more women and children for longer periods of time. In honor of those who have stood faithfully by our side over the years, we’d like to begin a process of recognizing you, our supporters, for your hard work.

Since the creation of Bethany House, one couple has stood by our side in a number of diverse capacities. In the “olden days” these two dedicated individuals served as a “sponsor family” for our women. To this day, they act as the surrogate grandparents for one special little boy. Just last week, they were at our home busily working on household repairs and this young man, now 12 years old, was at their side, helping with the home where he spent the first months of his life. Alice has served on our Board of Directors, and her husband Mil continues to assist with a variety of household repairs and upgrades, and have given financially. We applaud you Mil and Alice! Your committed service has not gone unnoticed.

Major donors, Harold and Melba Hauser, have given beyond what we could have ever possibly asked or imagined. Their ongoing financial commitment to Bethany House is a huge indicator of their oversized hearts. Even though they have a busy life filled with family, fellowship, and friends they still make time to help Bethany House raise funds. The Hauser’s travel frequently, and have four children and eight grand children. Their youngest son is serving in Iraq as a senior, intelligence officer for the Marines, and they just celebrated 50 years of marriage. We appreciate you standing by us all these years. Thank you!

This last year, Cherie Dobbs blessed one of our young women by throwing her a baby shower to end all showers. The women of Shekinah Christian Church and several volunteers showed their support by attending and helping provide the food, fellowship, and of course…fantastic gifts! It was evident by Brittany’s astounded looks and tear-filled eyes that she was extremely grateful for this group of women and their desire to make her shower one to remember.

There is just not enough space to list every person, organization, church, or business that has helped Bethany House, in some way, this past year. We have received generous grants from a number of respected family foundations, and business giving programs. New churches and individuals have come on board as financial supporters and in a number of volunteer capacities. Various businesses have not only donated their finances, but their goods and services to help make our silent auctions successful. To each and every one of you who have prayed for Bethany House, or have supported us in any way, we say thank you, God bless you, and may you have the happiest New Year yet. We hope you will continue to partner with us as we touch two lives at a time.



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