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Walking through the rubble...and winning!

If you’ve been alive more than two decades, you’ve likely experienced more than your own fair share of life-rubble. Yes, rubble (debris, wreckage, or ruins). The rubble in our lives can take on many “faces.” For some, it’s abuse, for others rejection, financial hardships, illness, death of a loved one, addictions, homelessness, family problems, the list could fill this entire page. When we are buried beneath the wreckage of our pasts, it makes living in the present extremely difficult, and the thought of the future downright terrifying.

Imagine for a moment, you are in your early twenties; you’ve been bounced to foster homes as far away as Israel. You come from a family line of career criminals and drug addicts, the father of your young son stabbed you with a butcher knife, and you’re now addicted to meth and crime yourself, destined to repeat the patterns of your family. Then, to make matters worse, you find out you are pregnant, with nowhere to go, facing a prison sentence, with no one to help. Sounds like a scene from one of the Primetime dramas we eagerly watch from the comfort of our family rooms in Middle America, doesn’t it? It’s not fiction, my friends; it’s a real life story, the story of one of our residents.

Dhanna came to Bethany House beaten and broken. She was buried beneath the heaviness of insurmountable life-wreckage. She is only 24. Although many in our world would consider her “hopeless” Bethany House saw a gem buried in the debris. With the right doses of love, accountability, training, and God’s amazing power, this broken woman could become a shining star, able to lead others to victory. She is indeed becoming that bright star! Since Christmas, Dhanna has celebrated the birth of a healthy baby boy, Dathan, her relationship with her other son is restored, and she is completing an intensive drug treatment program with enthusiasm and perseverance. At Bethany House she is learning to see herself as the beautiful and strong woman she was created to be. Although new debris, not of her own making, (death of her grandfather and the brutal murder of her closest cousin) continues to challenge Dhanna, she clings to the one thing that will ensure her success — her relationship with Christ. This woman is a testimony of God’s grace, and how with loving support, women rise from the rubble, and grow from a life of tears to one of triumph. Join us as we continue to pray for Dhanna and her family in the days ahead, for with God, all things are possible. Victory is but a prayer away!


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