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Watch them grow... and grow!
Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could jump forward and take a peek at our future? Just a tiny peek! In the movie Back to the Future, several individuals experienced this impossible thrill. Actually, it is more enjoyable (not that I’ve ever done future traveling!) to look backward and take note of just how far we’ve come. The holidays are a perfect time to consider where we’ve been and set goals for the future. It is a wonderful season to count our blessings and be thankful we are alive, breathing and have hope for tomorrow.

Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to look back at several of the babies born at Bethany House. Some of the most exquisite treasures we receive are the letters and photos of previous residents. We hope you too enjoy seeing the pictures of our babies who have grown into children, and our women who are newly married. Watching the old become new is a great way to see just how deeply Bethany House is able to touch two lives at at time...and generations beyond.

We talk a lot about babies and moms in our stories. However, Bethany House also shares about touching future generations. After fifteen years, we are beginning to see the trickle effect of what our services have done for others. Many years ago, a baby named Aaron lived at Bethany House with his young mother. He is now, drum roll please, thirteen years old! This is one motivated young man we're highlighting.

Aaron is an 8th grader at a local Gresham school. He loves to read and his favorite outdoor activity is paint-balling with his friends. Aaron is also a member of the Young Marines. This is a dedicated group of ambitious 8 to 18 year-old boys and girls who desire to have a future military career.

Young Marines is led by retired marines who teach integrity, responsibility, and to respect authority. This program isn't for “troubled” teens, but for teens who excel and care about themselves, their families, and their country. Wow! We are encouraged to know that this boy directly benefited from his mother's changed life, and is now touching his world in such a positive way.


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