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Dear Friends,
The Holiday Season has arrived on schedule, making this the ideal time for a letter that is all about saying thank you. Many of you have been supporting our program since the very beginning... You were there when we welcomed our first pregnant girl in 1990, and have stood beside us through every season.

I want to personally say, thank you. We would never have lasted this long without you. The little guy pictured is one of the primary reasons we do what we do, and why you have chosen to partner with us... Continue


The Time is Now to Make a Difference
If you have spent any time in Portland and its surrounding areas, you know homelessness, drug abuse, and financial devastation are rampant. The Bethany House Program has always been about helping pregnant women and women with children. To successfully make a dent in the current demand for services, we have taken our decades of experience and developed a new, extensive program that will assist women who are ready... Continue



Our sponsor program
The cornerstone of the Bethany House Program are our sponsor families. Do you have extra space, an open heart, and the desire to help a young mother and a child?
Learn more!

What Women Are Saying about the Sponsor Program
"My experiences from living with my Sponsor Family were more than I expected. I came here to Oregon from Hawaii to give my daughter up for adoption. After I gave birth to my baby girl, I could not give her up. Afterwards the adoption agency had to cut me off and I had nowhere to go. I called Bethany House and Beth call back with news of a Sponsor Family that was interested in meeting with me and decided I would fit with their family. My Sponsor Family to this day are still in my life and are more than that we are family. We love each other. I would like to give a special Thank You to Bethany House, the Supporters and to my Sponsor Family for all their love and support =)

"I want to thank my Sponsor Family, Bethany House, and my parents who were so helpful and my relationship with my mom and dad has grown leaps and bounds. Thank you for supporting such just a great ministry, so I could get the help I needed and a new life!" Continue




Thank you so much for your support and partnering with us to help save women and children from situations like domestic violence, homelessness, addiction, and poverty. As you can probably imagine, since 2020, fundraising has been particularly difficult. We need your help to continue and grow our life-saving, life-changing program.

This year when you give, thanks to a generous matching donation offer from Weston Pontiac Buick GMC of Gresham you can DOUBLE YOUR GIVING.
That means if you give $100, you are actually donating $200.

Multiple Giving Options OR mail to PO Box 3278, Gresham, OR 97030.
Safe giving options




We pray you and your family remain safe, healthy, and hopeful this Holiday Season. We thank you for your ongoing support as we celebrate this season of love. May God bless you richly and beyond measure in the days ahead.




Food for Thought: Purpose, Process (Progress), and Payoff
Those 3 "P" Words describe Bethany House Program's message of hope turned into a mission of love for women and children who hunger for help. Simply saying, "I love you," isn't enough, is it? According to Christ, there is a deeper purpose in loving. For in the process, which includes tangible demonstrations of love, progress is made, and, ultimately, there is a payoff, for both the Giver and the Receiver.

Love is a relationship. Love is an Action. Love leads us to do for others.
God reminds us to help widows, children, the imprisoned, the impoverished, and the wounded. The Bethany House Program, with your help, gives love in practical ways that change lives for eternity. And yes, oftentimes, loving like Christ does require great sacrifices. But we believe, despite the sacrifice, you will stand by our side, during this, for many, difficult Holiday Season. You will love boldly, giving of your time, talents, and treasures to help women and children experience purpose, progress, and the Great Payoff. Help today


Always a Bethany House girl
I, Carrie Ann, am and always have been Bethany House girl. That definition has stuck with me as God's plans unfolded through the years. When my Grandparents showed me an article about Bethany House 25 years ago, I was hesitant to say the least. I was 19, rebellious, and expecting my daughter. Beth Rhinehart met with me, and she accepted me into the program, and then over the years into her heart. My daughter was born October 20, 1994, healthy and perfect. Bethany House introduced me to a local church, parenting skills, and I finished high school. My life was back on track, and I had accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I eventually came to work and volunteer for Bethany house. I found my husband and we were married in 1996, expecting our son a year later. Life for me and my family was expanding and overflowing. When my husband lost his job... Continue

Contact us and learn more:
Bethany House
PO Box 3278
Gresham, OR 97030
[email protected]
Call 503.667.8409
Safe giving options

Three ways to participate and keep the smiles coming!












Another Way to Give!
Donate with the PayPal Giving Fund and set Bethany House as a favorite charity


The Future of Bethany House … Phase II will offer the following:

  • A comfortable, safe, and highly affordable living space/apartment (rent based on ability to pay/income level.)
  • Access to numerous support services and resources, including spiritual growth programs.
  • Ongoing parenting classes, instruction, and support, with combined life skills development.
  • Individual case management and goal setting.
  • Education planning, support while attending school, and access to computers for homework.
  • Career Development, employment related assistance, guidance, and support.
  • Access to specialized counseling services and groups as needed for personal growth and recovery.
  • Most importantly, clients will experience a loving, nurturing, Christian community of qualified and dedicated staff and volunteers.

Our sponsor program
The cornerstone of the Bethany House Program is our sponsor families. Do you have extra space, an open heart, the desire to help a young mother and a child? Do you believe you can provide a positive, guiding influence in the life of a hurting woman? If so, you might find the role of sponsor family to be highly rewarding. Giving and loving others is a
commandment from Christ. We are to help, encourage, and lift others up, using our time, talents, and treasure to bring healing and hope. When we give we truly receive blessings beyond our wildest imaginings. We hope you will consider stepping out in faith and making an eternal difference. Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers. Review the information here. Contact us today!


united way donations accepted

United Way Giving
If your employer is a United Way contributor, you can designate your donation to go directly to Bethany House. Just ask your United way representative for a Donor Option card!


Sponsor Family for Life
Thirty years ago Bethany House introduced us to a disheveled, pregnant, 17-year-old "throw away" child, Jo. Shortly after she finished her program with Bethany House and started college, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and we became one of Bethany House's first Sponsor Families
... Continue

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Did you know...
This past year we have assisted over 25 women and their children find safe and secure housing, navigate community resources, while providing intensive counseling services and support so desperately needed to make the life changes required for successful living and positive parenting. Your support allows us to continue reaching young women who might otherwise become just another statistic.

Please consider helping us securely online - monthly or as a onetime gift. Nonprofit No. 94-3030994




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