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Good News in the midst of challenging times

We can all agree the past several months have presented plenty of challenges and changes. And, yes, we continue to need help to in order to meet the needs highlighted above. However, there are still major successes in the midst of what can seem like a season filled with failure. One in particular comes to mind.

Mergy had the following to say about Beth and the Bethany House Program:

Now Mergy’s care facility - a home she worked hard for and purchased - has become Mary’s Care. She offers personalized living support for older adults unable to live alone without additional assistance. She wants to give back in a way that benefits others in need. What a great way for her to combine her own experiences, compassion, entrepreneurship, and desire to serve her community and beyond in such a personal way.

It is success stories like these that demonstrate, time and time again, how the Bethany House Program changes not just one life, or even two, but how multiple people are impacted in positive ways by the experiences of our clients. Our program partners alongside these women and their children as they reach milestones that may have never transpired without our program.

When you support the Bethany House Program, you support women like Mergy and her daughter Bette as they create promising and productive futures that have the power to change multiple lives.

Please, help us continue to help the women and children who need us now more than ever as they set their sights on success. Every donation helps. Together, we can accomplish so much more than we imagine.

God bless you and your family, and thank you for partnering with Bethany House.




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