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A Bethany House Program Face of Success

Many of the women we’ve served stay in contact long after receiving that initial help, some even become lifetime friends and ultimately supporters of our program.

Mrea, one of those women, has embraced family life and a career in the medical field, where she can give back to the community. She is currently completing her Physician Associate’s program. Her candid update reads like a letter of gratitude, and demonstrates just how much women can achieve with the right support and dedication to reach their dreams.

“Bethany House laid the groundwork for my success, and I thank you for all your support in times of need (I’m not just talking about monetary needs, but also emotional, a true friendship.) I feel that you helped me at such a pivotal point in my life, a fork in the road that has lead down a path to greatness. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I love you.”

Since 2020 and COVID, my strength and belief in myself have felt as though they’ve been on the chopping block numerous times. It felt as though the universe was testing my dedication to service, when giving up and running away would’ve been much easier than persisting and pushing through the hardships.

The pandemic has brought mental health struggles to my children and my husband has had to rearrange life and stop working to watch the kids, so I can push on and fulfill my dream. I will always push on, to show my children it’s better to struggle and succeed than to give up and live with regrets that you didn’t even try. To top it all off, my Physician Associate program in Washington decided to close. Now my family has to move south to Arizona, so I can finish my education and graduate from an accredited university.

During all this chaos, I learned and watched many wonderful things unfold. I am thankful the bond of siblings has grown stronger. I am thankful my three-year-old mama's boy has grown closer to his father. I am thankful I was able to be transferred to a new university. I am thankful for the connections I have made with new friends who share the same morals and values as me. I am thankful my family will stay together during this unexpected move. My path in life is always full of challenges and winding roads that make me a better person. A person who will be able to relate to the needy and downtrodden people I look to serve. My future patients will know I care about them because I have walked a mile in their shoes, and I am thankful for the holes in my shoes, earned on that walk."




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