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"My experiences from living with my Sponsor Family were more than I expected. I came here to Oregon from Hawaii to give my daughter up for adoption. After I gave birth to my baby girl, I could not give her up. Afterwards the adoption agency had to cut me off and I had nowhere to go. I called Bethany House and Beth call back with news of a Sponsor Family that was interested in meeting with me and decided I would fit with their family. My Sponsor Family to this day are still in my life and are more than that we are family. We love each other. I would like to give a special Thank You to Bethany House, the Supporters and to my Sponsor Family for all their love and support =)

"I want to thank my Sponsor Family, Bethany House, and my parents who were so helpful and my relationship with my mom and dad has grown leaps and bounds. Thank you for supporting such just a great ministry, so I could get the help I needed and a new life!!"


















Bethany House Sponsors

With cold weather here and winter (including all the holidays) just around the bend, we have seen an increasing number of women seeking services from our program. Helping them develop the skills not only to survive, but to thrive, is rewarding to say the least. As you well know, parenting is no easy task for anyone, but alone, without loving family or friends, or suitable finances, it can become nearly unbearable.

Thankfully, with the success of our sponsor families we are helping meet those needs, and we want you to know what a vital part your commitment to Bethany House plays in changing lives. You may not be able to sponsor a woman and child, but your generous giving and thoughtful prayers make a significant difference in our life-saving mission. It is imperative that we’re here and available to help when the phone rings. Because, so often, we’re the only thing keeping women from making choices that would further devastate their lives, negatively impacting them far into the future.

Despite long-lasting economic challenges, with your help, Bethany House will not only continue, but expand. If you are able, please, consider making an additional donation this Holiday Season. We must continue to offset our supporters who have met with financial hardship and are no longer able to give as before. Even a small increase makes a big difference. With winter months closing in, we can expect more heartbreaking phone calls. These precious callers need to hear there is hope and then receive the tangible help that makes new life possible. Together, with God’s help, we are the bringers of hope, health, and, ultimately, happiness.

Your gift, no matter the amount, makes a difference. Jesus came to seek and save the lost; let us be His hands extended this Christmas to the lost in our community. After all, giving is the best gift of all. We are grateful for your support. May God bless you richly and beyond measure.


We need more sponsor families. Would you consider opening your heart and home to a mom and her child? The need is great, and you could make a difference.



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