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Bethany House Girl Forever

I (Carrie Ann) am and always have been Bethany House girl. That definition has stuck with me as God's plans unfolded through the years. When my Grandparents showed me an article about Bethany House 25 years ago, I was hesitant to say the least. I was 19, rebellious, and expecting my daughter. Beth Rhinehart met with me, and she accepted me into the program, and then over the years into her heart.

My daughter was born October 20, 1994, healthy and perfect. Bethany House introduced me to a local church, parenting skills, and I finished high school. My life was back on track, and I had accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I eventually came to work and volunteer for Bethany house. I found my husband and we were married in 1996, expecting our son a year later. Life for me and my family was expanding and overflowing.

When my husband lost his job in 2009, I had been drifting for some time. Our son had become ill, and our entire life shifted. I think as children of the kingdom we either press in or check out. My relationship with God was slim to none. I was angry, frustrated, and demanding answers. I wanted to know God was there, but I could not feel him. I walked away. My husband and I moved to Carson City, Nevada, in May of 2010, for a fresh start and new job opportunities. Nevada the first few years was a rugged experience without family close by or a support system of friends. It was then I began doing things in my own strength, experiencing the loneliness and bitterness that comes from trying to do it all alone.

Beth never stopped being there for me or my family. She would speak God's truth to me even when I didn't want to hear it, still mentoring me and loving me even in the literal desert. My son was diagnosed with a serious mental health condition, which changed our lives. My husband and I came close to divorce many times, and our relationship with our daughter was shattered in so many ways. We endured trauma that would tear many families to ribbons, yet even in the mess God whispered in my ear, "I am here." Our son attempted suicide more times than I can count, and our daughter was just trying to be a regular kid. Time passed and our son's health continued to spiral. And I refused to submit to God. I was angry and didn't realize how much I needed God until we lost everything. I am here to tell you, God says you can start again, and I did. I began praying. Jesus gave me a strong desire to make amends with Beth and my connection to a program that has never floundered in their support of me.

I got back into God's Word and gave my life to Jesus. I am born again, and life is falling into place. His word promises in Philippians 1:6 that he who began a good work in me will see it through to completion. All those years ago when Bethany House led me to my Father, it was only the beginning! Bethany house has been a foundation and a constant source of support to me and my entire family. Prompted by God's vision, Beth created a program that helps women and children in the community, a program that has spanned most of my life. I am 43 now and still working with young women in a corrections facility in Nevada. My marriage is getting back on track, and I am in the process of finishing my Associate's Degree and pursuing my Masters in Social Work. Our daughter Liza is successful, hard working and with God's help our family is healing. My life has come full circle and I am excited about what God has in store for me in this new chapter of my life. I will never again forget where my life was introduced to God's tremendous grace. He put me on his path the day I walked through the doors of Bethany house. I will be forever thankful to Beth (or as I have always called heróMom) and all of those who have believed in and supported this program throughout the years. Bethany House changed my life forever.




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