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Yard work is one way
volunteers help Bethany House

  Our neighbor Irene Kristofferson bakes bread and cookies for residents and befriends the girls who come to stay at Bethany House.  























Giving of your time
Thank you for considering giving your valuable time and energy to Bethany House. With the understanding that the needs of our residents are unique and that your interests and desires to serve are just as distinguishing, we have compiled a diverse list of ways you can give of your time.

The “Big Sister” mentor program For those of you wanting a more one-on-one opportunity to work with our residents, this program might be perfect for you. As a mentor, you will play a very important role in a young woman’s life. You will spend time in a friendship role with one resident. Safe, healthy, and supportive friendships are extremely important to the healing process. Many of our ladies have experienced betrayal from their families and so-called friends. Learning to form new relationships based on trust and unconditional love is imperative as these women begin to “grow up.” This is an intimate avenue for developing better communication skills and beginning to trust again. If you are interested in becoming a Big Sister/Mentor, please contact us. Please Note: This position will require a background check and personal interview with the Executive Director.

House Sitter Bethany House is a fully-staffed program of qualified individuals. However, there are times when staff must attend meetings, or be away from the house for short periods of time. This is when the need for a responsible, caring adult arises. As the House Sitter, you will answer phones and take messages, support the residents and oversee general daily activities, providing loving care to the women and children present. Occasionally, there may be a simple administrative project to complete as well. This is a great way to learn more about the program and women we serve. Please contact us for further details.

Transportation Tech Do you enjoy driving? Running errands? Then this is the volunteer opportunity for you! Many of our residents have daily appointments, volunteer work, employment, or school to attend. Having assistance transporting these ladies to and from their various destinations is a tremendous help to the staff, and is also a great time to encourage a hurting woman. Volunteering as a driver requires a valid driving license, current car insurance, and a good driving record. To learn more please contact us.

Volunteer Instructor Here’s where those talents come in hand! So, you enjoy cooking, gardening, and sewing. Why not share those areas of expertise with young women seeking to improve their lives and homemaking skills. Do you enjoy crafts? Scrap Booking? Maybe you’re a birthing coach. As you can see, there are so many ways to share with our ladies. These various activities not only provide training but fellowship with other women in the community. Please don’t let our ideas limit you. If you have something you enjoy, would like to teach, and believe would benefit our young women, please give us a call. Contact us

Youth Group or Family Fundraiser It is never too soon to get involved in helping others. A great way for teen volunteers and families, as a group, to join our mission is by holding fundraisers on behalf of Bethany House, or adopting one of our already designed fundraising campaigns.See Baby Blessing Bag and Baby Bottle Bank Drive.

Some group activity ideas: Garage sale, carwash, neighborhood or church fair, bake sale…etc. Be creative! Have fun!

Maintenance Person/s If you enjoy completing household repairs, yardwork, painting, or any other maintenance-type projects, you’re in luck. Periodically, we need help maintaining our home and property. Living in a lovely home provides the inspiration and positive example our residents crave. You can help keep it beautiful and fully functional. Contact us

Event Planner and/or Event Team Member Do you have strong organizational skills? Creative abilities? Do you like to work as a team leader or team member? If so, Bethany House is continually seeking individuals who have a heart for helping, and who are willing to participate in making fundraising events a success. The best events are those that are planned and orchestrated by a creative and diverse group of individuals. Experience is great, but a willing heart is more than enough to join us. Contact us

Baby Shower Planners If you love babies, pregnant moms, and seeing young ladies smile (and cry with joy) then you will want to consider planning and “throwing” a baby shower for one of our young residents. Sadly, most of our residents do not have family or friends willing or financially able to plan and provide a shower. This special event is something every mom-to-be looks forward to with great anticipation. You can help make her dream come true. You are welcome to use our facility for your shower. Just call to learn more about this exciting opportunity to give of your time and talents. Contact us

Please Note: If you have other ideas of how you would like to spend your valuable time helping Bethany House, contact us. We’d be happy to discuss your ideas.