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The Time is Now to Make a Difference

If you have spent any time in Portland and its surrounding areas, you know homelessness, drug abuse, and financial devastation are rampant. The Bethany House Program has always been about helping pregnant women and women with children. To successfully make a dent in the current demand for services, we have taken our decades of experience and developed a new, extensive program that will assist women who are ready and wanting to take the steps necessary to begin a fresh start for themselves and their families.

Below is just a snapshot of what Hannah’s Pathway to Success will offer future residents and program participants. FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION simply contact us today.


Hannah’s Pathway to Success, will build on the time-tested Bethany House Program with a focus on homeless women with children who are ready to work hard and take a new path that leads to financial stability, safe, affordable housing, and skill development in multiple areas, including but not limited to: parenting classes, career counseling and coaching, financial planning, saving, and debt reduction, education options, general life skills training, and how to navigate and utilize community resources. Individual advisement and counseling will be obtained onsite and through additional community resources as needed.

Support groups and classes will also be available onsite and/or in the community. *Partnering and collaborating with appropriate, specialized community programs and agencies will be a vital part of the Hannah’s Pathway Program.*

Affordable housing units will be provided to the women accepted into the program. Cost will be determined by income criteria, and a portion of what resident pays into program cost will be put aside for the participant until they complete the program (12 months, typically) and given back in the form of a grant to be used for a variety of self and family enhancement goals that contribute to the family’s well-being and success.

As you can imagine, an undertaking of this magnitude will require community support, and strong financial supporters dedicated to the success of the program and its participants.

WILL YOU JOIN US ON OUR LATEST ENDEAVOR? Don’t forget to ask for more details.



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