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Doctor Yanke caring for a newborn

Pastor Les Moore

David J. Hall,
Mt. Hood Christian Center


What Others are Saying about Bethany House

CITY OF GRESHAM – "...Bethany House provides prenatal and postnatal care, parenting instruction, counseling, and assistance in continuing education for pregnant single young ladies..."
Sincerely, Charles J Becker, Mayor, City of Gresham . Read More

Bethany House Turns
Pregnant Girls into Mothers

January 4, 2001; THE OREGONIAN . Read More

MT HOOD CHRISTIAN CENTER – As a pastor, I encounter people on a regular basis whose lives would have been much different today if they would have had access to a ministry like Bethany House fifteen or twenty years ago in their home town.
Sincerely, Pastor David J. Hall
. Read More

GRESHAM WOMEN'S HEALTHCARE, P.C. – I believe that Bethany House is committed to giving many of these teenage girls another chance, whereas without their help they really have no place to go. By showing these girls that they care, Bethany House has already changed the lives of many girls. Even if only one life was changed, it would be well worth it. Thus, my commitment to support Bethany House will continue.
Dr. Edward Yanke, D.O., F.A.C.O.O.G

SHEKINAH CHRISTIAN CHURCH – I have supported Bethany House for nearly fourteen years now, since it was just a dream in the heart of Beth Rhinehart. We have watched it grow from a vision into what it is today; a God given success being modeled around the world. We have watched it grow from a handful of girls and a few supporters into an army of godly young ladies and an armada of dedicated and involved backers. We have watched as a few precious seeds were snatched from the frigid grasp of "Choice" and have become a thousand points of light sown against the darkness. We will always support Bethany House and their wonderful crew as they battle on the front lines in the war for Life!
With Much Gratitude, Pastor Les Moore . Read More

INDEPAK, INC. – I strongly endorse Bethany House as a place for unwed mothers to be. I appreciate contributing to an organization that demonstrates a Godly spirit and challenges others to make positive changes in their lives. Bethany House is a tremendous asset to the community. We would recommend them to anyone.
Jan Aho, Corporate Secretary . Read More

GRESHAM ROTARY – They come confused, upset, embarrassed, angry, hopeless, yes... even desperate. For those that see the program through to it's logical conclusion, they leave with a new confidence, respect for self, child and others, they leave with purpose for life, they feel valued as young women who can make a positive difference in this complex world in which we live.
Dave Miller, Treasurer

NORTHWEST MEDICAL TEAMS AND MISSION INCREASE – I am in full support of Bethany House and the great work Beth has been doing for the last eleven years in changing young lives and giving them hope.
Dr. Ron Post, Founder

CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS OF THE PORTLAND METRO AREA – We are pleased to be able to express our overwhelming satisfaction with the position Bethany House has taken in the Gresham community. Bethany House has played a significant part in the lives of many young women who have come through our doors at Crisis Pregnancy Center. The staff at Bethany House has not just provided a residence but has created a home for expectant mothers to thrive within. They are given personal care and instruction, and opportunities to learn how to be a capable parent. The Gresham community has been blessed by the services of Bethany House. They contribute positive support to young women who move through their doors.
Jacquie Guthrie, Director

CATHOLIC CHARITIES, CHURCH OF SAINT ANNE – We believe in what Bethany House is trying to do for young mothers-to-be, promoting right to life. If the mothers choose to keep their babies, Bethany House works with them in establishing a positive future for mother and baby. Bethany House is the only home in our area of this type. Our community is well aware of their good works and has been supportive of their works from their beginning in the early 1990's. They are now included in our community donations offertory envelope on a monthly basis.
Father J. Michael Morrissey, Pastor