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David J. Hall,
Mt. Hood Christian Center


What Others are Saying

Pastor David J. Hall, Senior Pastor, MT HOOD CHRISTIAN CENTER – It has been a privilege to be involved in the ministry of Bethany House over the past several years.

As a pastor, I encounter people on a regular basis whose lives would have been much different today if they would have had access to a ministry like Bethany House fifteen or twenty years ago in their home town. Having had no visible hope on their horizon at that time, they embarked on the physically and emotionally painful journey of abortion or child abandonment.

Thankfully, Christ offers healing today to those who have been broken and tormented by these past decisions that were driven by despair. He provides final hope and healing.

In addition, the Lord has provided Bethany House as a place of hope, refuge, and discipleship for today's young ladies who face single parenthood. Instead of crashing into a lifestyle of devastation, they are escorted into a realm of life that is filled with light, hope, and genuine love for God and for people.

If you ever have the opportunity to meet the staff, volunteers, and especially the young ladies in residence, you too will be deeply impressed with the daily discipleship and transformation that takes place in this home setting. Bethany House is worth supporting because Bethany House works!

Blessing one young lady in Bethany House today will change her future, and the future of her child. I encourage you to invest in Bethany House today through prayer, service, and financial support.

It is with great admiration and appreciation that I commend Bethany House to you today.

Sincerely, Pastor David J. Hall