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Bethany House Partnerships Matter

The following comments come from a young woman who benefited from Bethany House’s collaborative efforts:

"There were many changes in my life when I found out I was pregnant. I was living in the Caribbean Islands at the time, hoping for an internship working with dolphins.

Immediately I knew that I wanted to come home to the states. After connecting with a Portland friend on Facebook, she invited me to stay with her until I found a place to live. Without an income or family support to rely on, Catholic Charities and Bethany House found a family to sponsor me.

My sponsor family was very kind, but I was not used to having so much support. I didn’t know how to let people into my life, but I learned. You see, I had to take care of myself at a very young age and adapted to being on my own. Unfortunately, my mother was never there for me (my grandmother ended up raising me).

Although it's difficult to let people get close to me, I am very drawn to animals and young children. I suppose it's because they cannot hurt me.

My future plans: One of the most important to me is to provide a good life for my daughter by becoming a good mother. I hope to provide her with a comfortable place to grow up and build wonderful memories with her. Raise her to be at her best. Give her anything and everything she needs and want. I also hope to continue with my study for Medical Technology with a focus on Chemistry and Biotechnology.

I hope to work as a Medical Technologist/Chemist after I'm done with school to help others in need because I believe life is only worthwhile if I can provide quality help to other who needs me and help others find God.

We need more sponsor families. Would you consider opening your heart and home to a mom and her child? The need is great, and you could make a difference.



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