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The New Phase II Community will offer:

  • A comfortable, safe, and highly affordable living space/apartment (rent based on ability to pay/income level.)
  • Access to numerous support services and resources, including spiritual growth programs.
  • Ongoing parenting classes, in-struction, and support, with combined life skills development.
  • Individual case management and goal setting.
  • Education planning, support while attending school, and ac-cess to computers for homework.
  • Career Development, employ-ment related assistance, guidance, and support.
  • Access to specialized counseling services and groups as needed for personal growth and recovery.
  • Most importantly, clients will ex-perience a loving, nurturing, Christian community of qualified and dedicated staff and volunteers.

- We need your financial support to make our new Phase II Program a reality. Watch for further details and a financial forecast coming soon.

Mergy (pictured right) now has a fulltime job, is attending school, and has her own car! When she arrived at Bethany House, she could barely speak English! We’re so proud of her many achievements.


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