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The Holiday Season is the perfect time to look back at what we've accomplished and look forward to our future visions, dreams, and goals.

The following letter was submitted by longtime Bethany House supporter, Les Moore. Les is a pastor and has supported our program as a board member and sponsor family, along with his wife, Cathy. They continue, like so many of you, to stand by our side as we take our next steps forward into a future where we can serve even more women and children with you help.

"I want to start with full disclosure, I am very biased; babies are my favorite people. So, I was delighted with the work that Beth was putting together. I have been involved with Bethany House since its inception. We men could not be directly involved with the young ladies, but we helped in other ways. We did get to see the new babies and often got to hold them, pray over them, and impart the blessing. At Christmas time we would enjoy delivering the special gifts and resources provided by not only ourselves, but other generous donors.

"At the time, the Bethany House plan was for new mothers to stay at Bethany House for a while, as they adjusted to being a mom, then move to a sponsor home. One of the girls, JoJo, had her baby, completed her journey at Bethany House and became part of our family. My wife and I became the stand-in grandparents for JoJo's baby girl. Her name was Summer, the most perfect child anyone could ask for.

"When my Summer was three, the right guy came along. Dennis was kind, a good Christian, and a hard worker. He fit the perfect dad profile I was praying for. We filled the grandparent status for four more years until they moved to Texas, where they started a new life. Letting go is the hardest part of the program, but I did, sort of. Summer is now a Teacher in Austin. When the summer break hits, she goes out as a missionary, usually to Africa. She will always have a place in my heart.

"I am grateful for the work that Bethany House does; it makes the world a better place. Some of the girls still call me. They ask for Life advice, but I know it is more than that. Bethany House is where their lives were redeemed, and a new future was born. I got to be part of that and I still am. I hope for them, pray for them, and shed a few tears of appreciation, pride, and joy over the miracles of Life that have come from small beginnings. Thanks Beth!

"This month we will gather our families to give thanks for all that God has given us. Next month we will celebrate God's gift to us with our own gifts and giving. Please consider a gift that changes lives, Bethany House."

Thank you, Pastor Les Moore ~ Shekinah Christian




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