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Remember how quickly rumors spread back in high school?

You couldn’t wait to dial that phone (maybe a rotary one?) and share the news that Sally was kissing Bobby at last night’s football game. And before you knew it the news had traveled with the ferocity of a fifty-foot tidal wave across an unsuspecting beachfront. The damage was often much worse, though. Instead of broken buildings, hearts and lives were destroyed as the lies continued to flood the school halls, providing daily conversation for anyone who cared to listen. I can only imagine the impact of sharing that type of information in today’s technical age with the click of a mouse or special call feature on the latest cell-phone.

I got to thinking, what if we were as excited about sharing good news and good causes with everyone we knew? What if we rushed to our email and told everyone we knew about Bethany House and the opportunities to see lives changed? What if ...?

Can you imagine the positive impact that would result if every person who read this website shared with one, five, or even ten other people the incredible stories of our residents? We could fill up every seat at our upcoming banquet in a matter of minutes. We would then have the opportunity to highlight the amazing work we are accomplishing and invite others to join the fun.

The whole world knows when a certain hotel heiress walks one of her ten dogs, yet we continue the upward battle of getting news of our organization out to those who just might share our values and vision.
You can change that right now! Please, print out and complete the following commitment form. Make a copy to remind yourself of the challenge you’ve accepted. Download form

commitment to help pregnant women

- Beth E. Rhinehart


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