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Mothers that beget Moms, a thought from Les Moore, Supporter, Pastor, Board Member, and former Sponsor Family with wife, Kathy:

Growing up is hard. It's even harder when you lack guidance, support, and boundaries. I would like to bring attention to the mothers that mothered the mothers-to-be throughout the years in the Bethany House Program: Ticia, Lori, Carrie Ann, Cheri, Roberta, Laurie, and, of course, Beth Rhinehart. These are just a few of the names.

Us guys weren't allowed in the house except when there were incidences or problems, requiring our expertise, as it well should be. But, while we stood watch at the door, we could see the development of the moms-to-be as they blossomed and prepared. These moms who sacrificed time with their own families in order to love and nurture Bethany House’s developing families are true heroes.

Many of them had experienced life struggles similar to the struggles the young ladies were going through, but they had had to go it alone without the Bethany House Program. They had the fortitude, compassion, and experience to equip these young women, to nurture and restore them, like a sapling or flower budding in the garden. As we embrace the “Spring Season,” we pause to honor, thank, and offer prayers for the mothers that made a lifetime of difference for those newer moms and the precious children that they bore. Through them, the world’s garden is brighter, healthier, and a better place for everyone.

To every mom who graciously gave up time with your loved ones to help the Bethany House Garden grow and flourish, thank you. The results of your efforts are evident generations later.

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