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Jo and Summer

Pastor Les Moore


What Others are Saying

Pastor Les Moore, SHEKINAH CHRISTIAN CHURCH – As native northwesterners we greatly appreciate the sunshine and fill our summers with splendid clear weather rituals. When I travel to the far north for frequent ministry trips I see firsthand what life without a summer can produce. As the winter deepens there is a pervading sense of gloom that seems to grip the very atmosphere with shards of depression. There is no hope of a scorching summer day, only the ebb and flow of the endless winter. Yet, for me, there is the perpetual glow of Summer's memories and Summers to come that warm the inner chambers of my heart. Nearly ten years ago Bethany House introduced us to a disheveled, pregnant, 17 year old throw away child. Shortly after she finished her schooling with Bethany House and started college she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and we became one of Bethany House's first Sponsor Families.

For 2 years they lived and grew with our family. Jo went on to college at Multnomah and her daughter became the envy of the neighborhood as we would take our late afternoon walks whenever the sun would shine. I was her 'Papa' and she was my little Shirley Temple. Soft and gentle, trusting and attentive, her beautiful red curls had grown down to her chubby round shoulders before another man came into her life. It was hard to let go, but all too soon, I gave Jo to Dennis and with her my title of 'Papa'. They have since brought two more beautiful girls into the world and moved to another city. Our girl is nearly ten now and burning up the soccer field for her team.

I have supported Bethany House for nearly fourteen years now, since it was just a dream in the heart of Beth Rhinehart. We have watched it grow from a vision into what it is today; a God given success being modeled around the world. We have watched it grow from a handful of girls and a few supporters into an army of godly young ladies and an armada of dedicated and involved backers. We have watched as a few precious seeds were snatched from the frigid grasp of "Choice" and have become a thousand points of light sown against the darkness. And when I am confronted with those silly, philosophical arguments about the 'value' of life, I pull the edge worn picture from my wallet and explain to them that I could never imagine a year without sunshine nor a life without Summer. You see, that was our baby's name; Summer, and she will forever be a ray of Sonshine to warm our hearts. We will always support Bethany House and their wonderful crew as they battle on the front lines in the war for Life!

With Much Gratitude, Pastor Les Moore