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Beth's Testimony
"God used my painful past to help me turn my life around. As a result, God gave me the desire to help others and it was out of this desire that Bethany House became a reality."
Maria's Letter
I want to thank all of you for all the help you have given me to be able to become a successful mother and finishing school. You mean so much to me...
A Modern Miracle
My real mom was a meth addict, as was my dad, when he wasn’t in jail or prison. I was taken by the state and placed in one abusive foster home after another…
I was overwhelmed and afraid
I pondered having an abortion, but didn't want to do that. Thankfully, I decided to keep my baby…
Heather's Story
Just last week, one of our longtime residents, Heather, stepped out into the world beyond Bethany House with a brand new fresh start…
Nicole's Story
"Bethany House has helped me grow up. I've learned God loves me and he has given me so much grace even though I made so many poor choices and mistakes…"
Cynetta's Story
"When I was young, I had to protect myself and my younger brothers while my mom worked to support us alone. When I was thirteen, I ran away a lot because I couldn’t stand the men my mom brought home…"
Ilia's Story
"When I got pregnant, I was working at an adult video store, doing drugs, and drinking heavily. Once I knew that there was someone growing inside of me and depending on me, it changed everything…"
Sarah’s Story
"I was living in Northern California with my fiancé and his family when he started doing drugs, going to parties, and started to treat me badly.…"
Victoria's Story
"I grew up in a very unhealthy family where there was a lot of drinking and drugs. I was taken out of my mother’s home when I was 9 and was moved from one home to another…"
Ashley's Story
"About two months before my 18th birthday; I discovered I was pregnant, leaving me panicked and not knowing what to do. I found myself single and pregnant, with no job and no place to go."
Jessica's Story
"I would like to share my story with you. It all started when I moved out of my parent's home and into a house with a girl I thought was my friend..."
Tara's Testimony
"I was living away from my parents' home because there was a lot of stress and mixed emotions about my being pregnant, even to the point of my brother and I getting into fist fights."
Denise's Testimony
"The fruit that Bethany House produces is an everlasting change and growth in the hearts of the girls that find their way there."
Carrie Anne's Testimony
"My story begins like many of the girls who have stayed at Bethany House. I was 18, pregnant, and had no safe, smart, or responsible way of living. I had been living the party lifestyle."
Jessica's Letter
I had nowhere to go, and then I found out about Bethany House. They were so eager to help me, and I was placed where I learned about a loving God. ....
Twins: Two to Love
I thought I was doing really well. I had found a good job and I was on my own, until I met the “great” guy that swept me off my feet; I took things too fast....
Precious is precious...
At thirteen, I got involved in drugs and sex. I was trying to fit in and cover my negative feelings. Then I made a huge mistake…
A new King (baby)...Daniel
Before coming to Bethany House, Tina was on the quest that so many young women undertake to find Mr. Right, yet continually ending up with Mr. Wrong…
Brittany's Story
When Miss Brittany came on the scene here at Bethany House we had a few concerns…
Rebecca's Story
"I came to Bethany House when I was almost three months pregnant. I had nowhere to go, and I was really scared of being homeless, or having a miscarriage…"
Krystal's Story
"When I first arrived at Bethany House, I was four months pregnant and more scared that I have ever been in my life. Being 18 and pregnant to my family was not acceptable, so I was asked to leave…"
Bringing Hope to Crystal
"About two months before my 18th birthday, I discovered I was pregnant, leaving me panicked and not knowing what to do. I found myself single and pregnant, with no job and no place to go."
Lindsey's Story
"Dating a 20 year old at the age of 17 wasn’t the smartest move I’ve made in my life. Being 18 and finding out that I was having a child really wasn’t what I expected for Valentine’s Day…"
Molly's Testimony
"Bethany House was a place where I felt as if I were unique, loved unconditionally, and encouraged to be a success... I don't know where I would be today without their help."
Jackie's Testimony
"Before I came here I was running around from place to place living out of bags. It was a very unhealthy and a very unsafe situation for me, especially being pregnant."
Anorvia's Testimony
"My life was hectic and unstable before coming to Bethany House. I was totally preoccupied, worrying about where I was going to live."
Christina's Testimony
"The idea of going through a pregnancy and parenthood was so over whelming and confusing."